Credit card bill payment is one of the big problem statements for most of the users and that is why companies like CRED are in demand and have a huge customer base who are engaging on their platform. However, there are still a few gaps that we need to address, for instance, what if we want to pay our credit card by visiting any merchant outlet across the country and make the payment, or what if I wish to pay using cash. That’s the gaps we are trying to solve and fill in with our One Shot Credit Card Payments. There’s a huge opportunity with this product and we will be the first one to launch this and offer this to the network.


  • The primary goal of credit card bill payment is to ensure that you make payments on time. Paying your credit card bill by the due date helps you avoid late payment fees and penalties, maintaining a positive payment history.
  • Provide this API to every stakeholders so that they can actually increase the penetration of Credit cards as well.
  • Partners don’t need to integrate the new API for the AMEX credit card bill payment with help of the existing API customer can pay the credit card bill of Mastercard, Visa & AMEX.
  • Capture the untapped segment of Credit card bill payment.


As soon as a customer visited the nearest merchant of an API Partner who have integrated our Credit Card Bill Payment API then their network base have to enter the following information on the frontend UI or these are the information that they will pass it to us through API:

Point to keep in mind while implementing the API

  • Mobile Number - This number should be OTP verified We can add a sub message related to this as “We urge you to enter mobile number which is linked with you credit card”
  • Credit Card Number (This we cannot capture and can be stored as masked with the logic of <1st four digit> XXXX XXXX )
  • Per transaction limit is Rs. 49,999
  • Monthly payment limit on your credit card is Rs. 3,00,000
  • Encrypted all the sensitive credit card information for security purpose



Only Indian IP will be whitelisted over the production mode. IP which designated outside the India will not be whitelisted as per the compliance.

Reference id should be generated from the partner's end. It should be unique and length for the same is 20 digits/string as well.