These days most of the people arousing AePS and Micro ATM Payout API and the people who are accepting these APIs would need to get the money settled in their bank account. So here what the Payout API would play a great role in helping us create an end-to-end solution.


  • To help partners to get the fund settled in their bank account.
  • Create an end-to-end solution for API partner who are using AePS and mATM


Consumer of this API: Existing API partners who have integrated AePS and m-ATM with us. They can integrate the Fund Settlement / Payout API with us and settle funds into merchants' Bank accounts.

In the present scenario API partners need to consume additional API of fund settlement through Razorpay/Cashfree or any bank for doing such settlement. In our API they don't need to do any integration from any other partner. We will provide a complete solution for them.

Prerequisite: API partners who are doing AePS and m-ATM. Doing settlement of AePS / m-ATAM fund only for their merchant who did AePS/m-ATM business.

Account no. for doing settlement: Merchant can add 5 bank accounts for fund settlement of AePS/m-ATM business into their bank accounts. Out of 5, three bank accounts will be self merchant accounts (which need to be validated using penny drop transaction) and the other 2 can be their family member which needs to validate using a logic of Father name/Husband name/ wife name, post that can only be added.

While adding a bank account for the one which is of their relatives then they will have an option to add account number, name, ifsc code (In case we will get an error that the user’s bank account is not as name as the name matched in the bank record then we will ask the user to upload ID proof of his/her with the name of the father and husband an then we will be validating the same and allow the user to and transfer fund to the bank accounts.