Pay Bill

The said API will facilitate you to pay the bills.


Partner should know !

One should have to go with the Fetch Bill Details before this API

SNoHTTP Response CodeResponse CodeDescription
12000Bill Payment is pending.
22001Bill Payment is Success.
32005Operator is Down. Please Try Again Later
420014Bill Payment failed
520016Insufficient fund in your account. Please topup your wallet before initiating transaction
62006Your commission is not set please contact administrator before initiating any transaction
740217Maximum limit for the operator is
84028The Bill Fetch field is required
940218Duplicate ref id.
1020012Bill Payment permission is not active
112009Unable to process request
1220012Maximum limit for the operator is 100000
1320013Minimum limit for the operator 0
1420014Operator cannot be blank
1540115The Bill Fetch field is required.\n
1620016Duplicate Transaction
1720017Bill Payment permission is not active
1840118Validations Error
2040110Jwt Token Error
2140111Authentication failed
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