Permanent Account Number (PAN) holds extreme importance in India, not only for Income Tax purposes but also as proof of identity. We observe that customer has faced issues while in pan correction, customer has no idea how and where they correct their details in PAN, for resolving this issue we are offering this as an API to our API partners, who can provide this service through their network. The idea is to get the PAN card correction available to all the API partners and their networks. This will help to circulate the base and options for the individual to get their updated PAN without any hassle and at any nearby merchant outlet.


  • To help partners to offer PAN Card correction anytime and anywhere.
  • Spread the solution of upgrading PAN card details in the wide range of retail outlet networks across the country.


Any incorrect information on your PAN can lead to problems in the future. So it is advised to get the mistakes and inaccuracies in your PAN corrected as soon as possible. We offer a solution through our partners, in which the user can update/change details such as your name, date of birth, photograph, signature, father’s name, Aadhaar, gender, address, and contact details according to their Aadhaar.

Process Flow/Steps Involved:

  1. Partners have to integrate the Pan Correction API into their Systems.
    API Docs:
  2. After the integration, the Partner will Redirect to the NSDL site for proceeding with the Pan correction details.
    Partner has to pass the below details:
  3. Choose Application Type: PAN Change Request
  4. Passing the Aadhaar NO.
  5. Exiting Pan No.
  6. Applicant Name
  7. DOB and Gender
  8. Submit the consent on provided details
  1. In the next step, the user has to select the physical pan requirement and pass the basic details e.g Phone no. and email id.
    The address of communication should be as per Aadhaar.
  1. User has to pass the other address if they have otherwise it should be blank, Any other pan allotted to them and place details.
  1. User has to pass their parents details and contact details
  1. All the details get fetch by user Aadhaar card e.g Photo and signature through e-sign process.
  1. User has to choose the e-Kyc mode for authentication, if partner choose the OTP based e-KYC then user get the OTP on previously submitted phone no which is link with Aadhaar. Refer screen no 3.
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  1. Once the e-kyc is done then user has to complete their e-sign authentication process through OTP and Biometric.
  1. For OTP based e-sign NSDL fetch the details from Aadhaar and submit the OTP for complete the e-sign process.
  1. After the completion if e-KYC and e-Sign Merchant get the successful transaction popup on their screen.

Refund Process

Instant Refund Case 1: If the partners merchants follow & complete each and every step involved in PAN card correction process successfully but after submission, receives an error from NSDL end in such cases Instant refund would be provided to our partner.
T+1 Business day refund Case 2: in case where our partners merchant initiates the pan card correction process and due to some reasons quits the process in between and moves out of redirected window aborting the process, in such cases reconciliation is required for which we are dependent on NSDL pan card creation reports. We usually get reports from NSDL on T+1 Working day,hence we have kept the TAT as T+1 business days .