Applying for a new PAN card is one of the tedious tasks these days and is limited to a certain number of application points to avail of such services. In other words, what if a user wishes to apply for a new PAN card, then he/she has to follow an extensive process to do that? We are offering this as an API to our API partners, who can provide this service through their network. The idea is to get the PAN card creation available to all the API partners and their networks. This will help to circulate the base and options for the individual to get their new PAN number created without any hassle and at any nearby merchant outlet.


  • To help partners to offer new PAN Card creation anytime and anywhere.
  • Spread the solution for the new PAN card application in the wide range of retail outlet networks across the country.


  1. Extension of digital paperless procedures to non-PAN customers;
  2. Value added proposition for customers of Banks/NBFCs/Fin-techs.
  3. No requirement for collecting and storing physical documents (Form 60) for non-PAN customers.
  4. Available as a seamless integration solution (Web & Mobile).
  5. PAN compliances, digital solution for non-PAN customers and reduced TAT and cost.
  6. Only authorized users appointed by PROTEAN eGov will be able to use this facility with their registered credentials.
  7. For tracking of device, MAC ID and GPS location of the Tablet/Mobile device shall be registered at PROTEAN eGov.
  8. From a data security perspective, capturing of screenshots is not permitted.

Prerequisites for integration

a. Valid Entity ID should be created at PROTEAN eGov end before going live.
b. Digital Signature Certificate (V3 version) (No self-signed in production environment)
Should be a valid certificate issued by a CA licensed under Information technology (IT) Act.
● Should be either an Organizational Person Digital Signature Certificate or an Organizational Document
● Signer Certificate. The O value in the certificate should be the legal entity name of the ASP organization.
● Should be either Class 2 or Class 3 certificate.
● Should be valid for at least six months from date of submission
● Entity can procure DSC from any of the certifying authorities (CA) as listed on the CCA website as mentioned below at

Process Flow/Steps Involved

For knowing the process flow, please refer to this video -