Fetch Bill Details

This api works for only Insurance Premium Payment

SNoHTTP Response CodeResponse CodeDescription
12001Bill Fetched Success
22000Failed response from operator
32Biller is not accepting your payment now please try again later
42003Provider Message
54004Bill Payment is down. Please try again later
62005Invalid Operator ID
74006Provider Error
82007"Biller is temporarily down. Please try again later
94018Validation error
102009Provider Message
1140210Bill Payment is down. Please try again later
1240412Bill Payment service is disabled
1340113Validations Error
1440114Unable to process request
1540115Jwt Token Error
1640116Authentication failed

Request parameter for Offline mode -

  "canumber": 334489350,  
  "ad1": "[email protected]",  
  "ad2": "09/11/2023",  
  "mode": "offline"  

Request Parameter for Online mode -

  "canumber": 334489350,  
  "ad1": "[email protected]",  
  "ad2": "09/11/2023",  
  "mode": "online"  
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