Generate Url

SNoHTTP Response CodeResponse CodeDescription
12001Data Successfully Generated
24012Unable to process request
34013Jwt Token Error
44014Authentication failed


Call Generate Url api with valid parameter define above. and In Response, in success case encdata and Url will received .
You have to auto redirect POST form to response url with encdata field having response value

<form method="post" action="URL received from generate url API">
  <textarea name="encdata" style="display:none">value received from generate url API</textarea>
  <input type="submit" value="Submit">

Form submit will redirect you to bus seat booking layout and you will get encrypted json response callback url in data field

1- $response = $this->input->post('data');
2- $decrypted_data = decode using JWT decryption with key provide by PAYSPRINT 
3- decode JSON using json_decode($decrypted_data,true);
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