Penny Drop


Partner should know !

The said API will provide the bank information (Account Holder Name) by crediting Rs. 1 in the beneficiary bank account.

SNoHTTP Response CodeResponse CodeDescription
12001Transaction Successful.
22002Account verification is not allowed in this pipe.
35003Unable to process transaction request. Pleasee try again later
44124Invalid Pipe please try with a diffrent pipe.
54055Account verification feature not avaliable.
64056Bank id not found.
74057Bene Id is not linked with mobile number.
84068Duplicate reference id.
94069Insufficient fund in your account. Please topup partner username wallet before posting any transaction
1040110Monthly limit of remitter is over.
1140111Charges not found please set Charges first.
1240612Unable to find remitter details.
1340613Remittance is not allowed in this account number / mobile number.
1440614Validations Error
1540115DMT service is not active for this account.
1641216Unable to process loging request.
1740117Jwt Token Error
1840118Authentication failed.
0Failed and RefundedTransaction is failed. Amount and charges deducted is reversed to wallet.
1Transaction SuccessfullTransaction successfull
2Transaction In ProcessPerform Transaction status method to get actual status in 30 min interval
3Transaction Sent To BankPerform Transaction status method to get actual status in 30 min interval
4Transaction on HoldPerform Transaction status method to get actual status in TAT(T+3) interval
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