Upstox is an online stock broking company. Its platform is used for trading securities and commodities at discounted brokerage costs, enabling professional traders and beginners, to minimize the investing and trading expenses. Now, Upstox is launching a referral program for the B2B & B2C companies. In this referral program, UpStox engages with B2B and B2C networks to open the Demat account or more commonly known as Unique Client Codes (UCCs).


Potential Benefits:

  • Generate the user base for Upstox.
  • Every successful onboarding, the partner gets paid.
  • Paperless and hassle-free account opening.

In upstox referral program (UCC), we have to generate the lead & open an account, by using the referral link (UCC), B2B API merchants/Agents onboard the user in upstox by using UCC. and once the full KYC is done by the user, then upstox will be paid for us. The whole onboarding of customers is paperless, fast, and secure. We have to generate a UCC for API Partner & API Partner Merchants/agents.