RC Verification


Vehicle RC Verification API also known as the Registration Certificate is issued for your vehicle and acts as a proof that your vehicle is registered with the Indian Government. This is issued by the RTO or the Regional Transport Office.


Vehicle RC can help identify stolen vehicles and also to check if a particular person is the claimed owner of a vehicle or not. Our RTO API helps users to verify a vehicle and also checks the RC details in no time.


● Vehicle RC Verification API is very efficient, trusted and hence, is fully capable of operating in such institutions.
● When you use our RTO APIs for the same, you just have to enter the Vehicle RC number and the system will give you the result if the Vehicle RC is issued by the government or not.

Steps Involved

  1. Partner will integrate the RC verification API.
  2. Use case of the verification API would be defined by the partner itself
  3. An individual would be providing his/her RC number to the merchant, or in some cases, the merchant itself will provide the RC number to the partner
  4. After entering the requested details, the RC would be verified and, in response, the partner would get the below mentioned Authentication API Outcomes.

Authentication API’s Outcome


Process Flow