Cash withdrawal services refer to the facilities provided by banks and other financial institutions that allow account holders to withdraw cash from their bank accounts. These services are essential for customers who need physical currency for various purposes and are commonly available through the following methods:

  1. ATM
  2. Over the counter

The above-mentioned cash withdrawal services may be subject to fees or limitations, depending on the customer's account type, banking relationship, and the specific terms and conditions of the financial institution. Additionally, there may be security measures in place to protect customers against fraudulent activities, such as using a PIN or other forms of authentication for withdrawals.
The card-less cash withdrawal service by PaySprint, developed in partnership with banks, offers the simplest way for consumers that lack knowledge about using ATM cards and machines, to withdraw cash without the worry of fraudulent activity.


  1. No need to visit the bank branches and ATMs machines.
  2. Immediate money withdrawal 24x7x365.
  3. Withdraw from any authorized PaySprint Retailer.


The UPI is said to be a safe and secure and instant method of collecting money between two parties and eliminates the need to transact physically or through a Bank/ATM. PaySprint observes the market trend and offers properly defined solutions to the market for consumption.
PaySprint builds a cash-withdrawal solution powered by UPI functionality, now Consumers who need cash for their daily transactions can simply visit the PaySprint retailer outlets and withdrawal the needed amount by just simply scanning the QR code.

Process Flow

  • For the consumption of QuickDhan, Partners need to integrate our API First.

  • The consumer who needs cash, he/she visits our PaySprint Retails outlet of services.

  • Our retailers ask for a few details of the consumer and pass the same information to our API.

    • Partner Defined Merchant code.
    • Name of the customer.
    • Phone No.
    • OTP sent to customer number no.
    • Amount in Rs (Multiple of 100 only accepted).
    • Purpose of withdrawal
    • Address
    • Pincode
    • Consent check
      "I hereby confirm and authorize the payment of [amount in currency] from my bank account to [recipient's name/business name] for [purpose of withdrawal]. I understand that this payment is non-refundable and agree to the terms and conditions associated with the transaction."
  • Based on the details provided, the merchant generates a Dynamic QR code.

  • PaySprint API, check the partner's wallet balance, if the partner has a sufficient amount then API allows to generate the QR.

  • Consumers scan the QR code and select the UPI payment app or third-party payment app to make the payment.

  • Once the consumer did the payment, the amount settles in the Bank account and PaySprint confirms the transaction status to the partner.

  • Once the retailer received the confirmation from PaySprint, the Retailer handover the requested amount to the consumer.

  • And PaySprint credit the e-value of the same amount to the Partner wallet every 20min and charges will debit from the partner wallet too.


Points to remember -

  • Max Amount withdrawal in one transaction is Rs.1000/
  • Rs.1000 in a day on one VPA ID.