Paytm AePS


Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) is a National Payments Corporation of
India-supported payment method. AePS is a payment system assisting banks and financial
institutions in providing a one-stop solution for every banking need of a person who is
underbanked, unbanked, or belongs to a migrant population in India. AePS services are
provided by Business Correspondents (Agents/ Service Providers) appointed by financial
institutions who act as a mediator between banks, financial institutions, and customers.
AePS is a bank-led model which allows online interoperable financial inclusion transactions
through the Business correspondent of any bank using the Aadhaar authentication. AePS
allows you to do six types of transactions.The only inputs required for a customer to do a
transaction under this scenario are:-
  1. Bank Name
  2. Aadhaar Number
  3. Fingerprint captured during enrollment.


❖ To empower a bank customer to use Aadhaar as his/her identity to access his/ her
  respective Aadhaar-enabled bank account and perform basic banking transactions like
  cash withdrawals, balance inquiry, and obtain a mini statement through a Business
❖ To sub-serve the goal of the Government of India (GoI) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  in furthering Financial Inclusion.
❖ To sub-serve the goal of RBI in the electronification of retail payments.
❖ To enable banks to route the Aadhaar-initiated interbank transactions through a central
  switching and clearing agency.
❖ To facilitate disbursements of Government entitlements like NREGA, Social Security
  pension, Handicapped Old Age Pension, etc. of any Central or State Government bodies,
  using Aadhaar and authentication thereof as supported by UIDAI.
❖ To facilitate interoperability across banks in a safe and secure manner.
❖ To build the foundation for a full range of Aadhaar-enabled Banking services.


Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) is a way to get money from a bank account, and it
has the following:
● The account holder can do the financial and non-financial transactions through the
  banking correspondent
● A banking correspondent of any bank can do the specified transaction of any bank.
● You don't need to have a signature or debit card.
● AEPS is secured because no one else can forge your fingerprint.

Process Flow

The below process is involved in Paytm AePS activation
    PaySprint has offered a separate Paytm bank Aeps Pipe for cash withdrawals, Mini
    Statements, and balance inquiries.
-   Our Paytm Aeps pipe not required any Prior merchant onboarding.
-   The merchant onboarding process is real-time, while the merchant initiates the
-   While transaction merchant has to pass the below details
-   Phone No of the merchant for onboarding
-   Merchant id (Alphanumeric up to 15 digits)
-   Pan No
-   Address, city, and state code (Partner has to pass the defined State code
    mentioned in Document)

-   The Above details we consider as merchant onboarding details and we register the
    merchant with the same details
-   Partner merchant has to pass the State code in the state field. (State code doc
-   For onboarding a new merchant, the merchant has to pass all the unique parameter
    values in API. any old or provided details treated as a registered merchant in PayTm.