E-Gift Voucher API


An e-gift voucher is a digital prepaid stored-value card that is issued by a business to its customers to be used for the purchase of its products within a specific store and time. It is used as an alternative to cash, which carries a value worth equal to that mentioned in it. Businesses issue these vouchers as a token of reward or as a gift too. This is just like a cheque and can be redeemed at the time of purchase and at the respective retail stores. Electronic gift vouchers are delivered through emails or SMS.


1-Offer special deals and discounts to boost customer satisfaction.
2-Best suits for gifting occasions and shopping needs at a discounted price.
3-Attract customers to come back to the business.


As digital vouchers are easier to store and do not get lost easily. After observing the market trends and the way to digital payment transformation, PaySprint introduced the e-Gift Voucher API, through which partners offer the creation of gift vouchers for multiple brands.

Steps Involved

  1. Partner integrated e-gift Voucher Api in to their system
  2. Merchant use Paysprint Partner api to offer creation of e-gift vouchers to customer
  3. Customer goes to the nearest Paysprint partner merchant outlet for sending or purchasing the gift voucher
  4. Merchant on behalf of customer , select the brand voucher and enters all the requested details like amount , expire date etc through our e-gift voucher creation Api
  5. Voucher is created and merchant collects the cash equal to the amount of e-gift voucher from the customer . the same amount is debited from the partner wallet's.
  6. He/She can now use the Voucher themselves or send it to some one they want to
  7. Voucher no. is generated and merchant can forward the same to the customer

Authentication API’s Outcome

Process Flow


e-Gift Voucher Brand list & Commission