Overview :

Name Match API ensures that the documents provided to you belong to the individuals you expect them to. Name match API will help in Automating workflows by eliminating the need to manually eyeball and compare names across multiple documents and forms.

Goals :

Name match API is used for matching two individual names and comparing the similarity between both of them, it helps our partners by providing results in percentage and help them in making decisions faster.

Specifications :

PaySprint Name Verification API takes two names as input and gives results by comparing the two.
The response of the name verification API is provided in between 2-5 sec and the format of response is in JSON format.

Input :

● Name 1- Eg. Sachin Mahto,
● Name 2 - Eg. Sachin Mahto

API Response :

● Match Score - In percentage Eg. 96%
● Match Status - True/false

Process Flow :