Co-WIN API Services can be offered to ASPs, who intend to or are providing COVID vaccination-related services and are registered for operations in India. Using the service, the approved organizations can avail the whitelisted data elements from Co-WIN in real-time. The ASPs can integrate the APIs with their applications to extend the quality and reach of their initiative. API-based access to Co-WIN for third-party software applications to provide a variety of value-added services directly to the beneficiary or enable impaneled COVID Vaccination Centers (CVC) to offer enhanced services to their users. These 3rd party applications can be either offered directly to citizens (B2C) or offered to private CVCs (B2B).


Potential Benefits:

-	Discover vaccination centers and related information.
-	Access vaccination certificates of the users from Co-WIN, against a beneficiary reference id / registered 
     mobile number.
-	Registration and scheduling of appointments for vaccinations.


Co-WIN will provide these API services (both “public” and “protected” APIs) so that authorized third-party organizations can leverage and provide value-added services to citizens, other businesses, and relevant customers. In providing these Services, Co-WIN will process the data that the authorized third-party organizations will submit via the APIs and instruct Cowin to process on their behalf.
The type of information sought by Co-WIN, via these APIs, will be as per the details outlined in the “LIST OF Co-WIN APIs”
o Co-WIN Public APIs
o Co-WIN Application APIs
o Co-WIN Protected APIs
o Co-WIN Vaccinator APIs
o Covid Vaccine Certificate

API Summary

Co-WIN Public & Vaccinator APIs

This module enables the one-time enrolment of a person into the system, as well as scheduling appointments for vaccination. This could be used for self-service access for registration and scheduling of appointments for vaccinations at a hospital or a CVC at a date and time of choice or can be used for assisted service for facilitated cohorts of beneficiaries at the vaccination facilities for on-spot or walk-in registration. This module records the beneficiary registration and appointment details on the Co-WIN platform.