A FSSAI license number is a 14-digit number issued to registered food business operators (FBOs); it comprises five sections, each of which provides different information about the food business operator. The aforementioned indicator has to be affixed on the package of the food product, along with the FSSAI logo.


Provide the FSSAI Certificate number as input, and the API will verify the details and check if the holder is authorized.
You may confidently onboard merchants using the FSSAI verification API, knowing that they are permitted to participate in the manufacturing, storage, distribution, or export of food goods, as well as which items the merchant/entity is authorized to operate on.


● Food delivery companies can use FSSAI verification to ensure that the restaurants they are onboarding are valid,
genuine, and registered, as every restaurant requires a FSSAI registration to legally operate in India.
● For lending companies to confidently lend to merchants or entities operating in the food industry, this API helps
validate the genuineness of the entity, thereby reducing the risk of lending to these entities.
● Our system checks the information from the FSSAI department. Therefore, the results are always correct and

Process Flow

  1. Partner will integrate the FSSAI verification API.
  2. Use case of the verification API would be defined by the partner itself
  3. A individual would be providing his/her FSSAI number to the merchant, or in some cases, the merchant itself will
    provide the FSSAI number to the partner
  4. After entering the requested details, the FSSAI license would be verified and, in response, the partner would get
    the below mentioned Authentication API Outcomes.