Face Match


Face Match API compares two faces and determines if they belong to the same person, it is also commonly referred to as the Face Authentication API as it serves the purpose of Authenticating users.


  1. API will detect fraudsters who try to use fake credentials that do not match their real identity.
  2. Compares live user’s face with photo on the provided ID.
  3. Quantifies the face match accuracy.


Face Match API compares two faces and determines if it belongs to the same person. This is needed while verifying the identities of customers to know if they are who they claim to be. Our API does this verification with reliability and ease helping you determine the legitimacy of the customer while preventing any fraudulent activities. Using Facematch API systems for certain institutions and entities to verify their customer’ credibility is a safe and efficient practice. All we require for this process are images or videos of the customer obtained in real-time and the scans of valid OVDs.

We support 3 formats as of now for Face Match API. They are -

  1. JPEG
  2. JPG
  3. PNG

Process Flow