Credit Card To Credit Card Payment


Credit card bill payment is one of the big problem statements for most of the users and that is why companies like CRED are in demand and have a huge customer base who are engaging on their platform. However, there are still a few gaps that we need to address, for instance, what if we want to pay our credit card by visiting any merchant outlet across the country and make the payment, or what if I wish to pay using cash. What are the gaps we are trying to solve and fill in with our One Shot Credit Card Payments?


  1. To maintain a good credit score you should pay your credit card bill on time. a good credit score depends on the consistency of paying your credit card bill on time.
  2. If you pay your credit card bill on time, you can avoid dealing with debt collection agencies,


We observe a missed payment can reduce your credit score and minimize your creditworthiness. financial institutions and banks might turn down loan requests, and credit card companies might reduce the credit limit on a card if your credit score is low. besides, credit card issuers also want to make sure that your payment record is clean before offering higher credit limits.
PaySprint develops an API, in which users have to visit the nearest merchant who has integrated our Credit Card Bill Payment API then their network base has to enter the information on the API to make the cc bill payment.

Credit Card to Credit Card Bill Payment Process:

  1. First, the User has to provide the Mobile NO.CC last 4 Digit and merchant code.
  2. After the details, the User has to provide Mobile No. and OTP.
  3. On successful submission of OTP user has to enter the CC no & amount needs to pay.
  4. After passing all the details, the user has to select the payment method (Credit Card) from which the payment has to be done.
  5. The status of credit card payment will be updated within 24-48 Hours.
  6. Partners who are consuming our CC to CC payment API, get the transaction status report in T+1.
  7. This API will only work on mobile screens and the device which had below 1023px screen.

Process Flow: