In India, providing In-person healthcare is challenging, particularly given the large geographical distances and limited resources. One of the major advantages of telemedicine can be saving of cost and effort especially for rural patients, as they need not travel long distances for obtaining consultation and treatment. In this type of scenario, telemedicine can provide an optimal solution for not just providing timely and faster access. It would also reduce financial costs associated with travel. It also reduces the inconvenience/impact on family and caregivers and social factors.


● To omit geographical and functional distance between patients and doctors
● To give the best medical experience and diagnosis to patients even in their homes.
● Seamless and safe teleconsultation through audio
● Easy integration of the API


PaySprint is the most trusted and reputed API service Provider Company in India providing medical telemedical consultancy API at competitive costs.
Our Medical telemedical consultancy API allows a patient to connect to a medical professional just by phone providing basic details. Medical Telemedical consultancy API is flexible and simple, delivering a reliable, interoperable, and scalable healthcare environment.

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