Udyam Aadhar (Udyog Aadhar)


An Udyam Registration, also known as an MSME Registration, comprises a government sign-off provided along with a Recognition Certificate and a Unique Number. This is instrumental if you wish to certify that your small or medium business or enterprises are legal and operational. It is issued by the Ministry of MSMEs. Udyam registration provides many benefits to businesses, including easy bank loans without a collateral mortgage, special preference in procuring government tenders, electricity bill concessions, etc.


With PaySprint’s Udyam Aadhaar verification API, you can now confidently onboard merchants knowing that the merchant exists, is genuine, and is authorized to partake in the manufacture or service sector by the Ministry of MSME.


● Udyam verification API is straightforward and the integration is effortless. We provide a simple and user-friendly interface.
● The Udyam Aadhaar verification API helps to validate the genuineness of the entity, thereby reducing the risk of lending to these entities.
● Our system checks the information from the Ministry of MSMEs. Therefore, the results are always correct and legit.

Steps Involved

  1. Partner will integrate the Udyam/Udyog Aadhaar verification API.
  2. Use case of verification API would be defined by the partner itself
  3. An individual would be providing Udyam Aadhaar number to the merchant or in some cases the merchant itself will provide Udyam Aadhaar number to the partner
  4. After entering the requested details, the Udyam would be verified and in response the partner would be getting the below mentioned Authentication API Outcomes.

Authentication API’s Outcome:


Process Flow